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Sliaw l\niversLhj JjuLLetin 

Number 2 




OCTOBER 13, 1962 

th Carolina 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Interim President 

Dr. Nelson H. Harris, Chairman, 
Department of Education at Shaw 
University has been named Interim 
President of the University, effec- 
tive on August 1, 1962. 

Dr. Harris has been on the fac- 
ulty of Shaw University since 1929 
and he is highly qualified for his 
present position. He holds the A.B. 
degree from Virginia Union Uni- 
versity, the A.M. and Ph.D. degrees 
from the University of Michigan. 
He has pursued further study since 
receiving the Ph.D. degree at Co- 
lumbia, Rutgers, University of 
Chicago, and New York University 
in the areas of Educational Psycho- 
logy, Race Relations, Adult Educa- 
tion Workshops, Early Adolescence 
and Secondary School Leadership 
Training, respectively. 

He holds membership in the following learned or professional 
societies: Chairman, State TEPS Committee of the North Carolina 
Teachers Association; Member, American Association of University 
Professors; National Education Association, National Society for 
Study of Education, and North Carolina State Curriculum Committee. 

His teaching experience includes work at the Warren County 
Training School, Wise, North Carolina; Wilberforce University; 
serving as visiting professor in the College of Education at the 
University of Illinois; also at Florida A. and M. University, Talla- 

Dr. Harris has contributed research articles to the following na- 
tional magazines: Journal of Educational Research, The Nation's 
School, the Journal of Negro Education, Journal of Negro History, 
Administration and Supervision. In addition, he has served as one of 
the editors of several yearbooks of the Journal of Negro Education 
and also the 1962 John Dewey Society Yearbook, published by Harper 
and Brothers. 

The Cover 

The members of the class of '62 presented this beautiful ornamental 
iron arch for the main entrance of Shaw during class night exercises. 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Miss Shaw University 

Miss Ellen Spivey, a rising senior 
of Louisburg, was elected "Miss 
Shaw University" for 1962-63. 
Miss Spivey is an elementary edu- 
cation major. 

Her attendants will be Miss 
Yvonne Edwards, a rising senior 
of Halifax, Virginia; and Mrs. 
Evelyn Andrew's Clay, a junior of 
Parmele, North Carolina. 


On Saturday, October 13, the 1962 edition of the Shaw University 
Homecoming Extravaganza will be presented. 

Our worthy opponents will be the Pirates of Elizabeth City State 
Teachers College. One of the features of this year's observance will 
be a pre-game band concert, featuring the bands participating in the 
parade. This unusual musical experience will be presented following 
the parade which begins at 12:00 noon from the Raleigh Memorial 
Auditorium. The usual array of colorful floats, marching bands and 
prancing majorettes will add to the brilliance of the event. 

Saturday, October 13, 1962 

6:00- 8:00 a.m. Student Breakfast Social Spaulding Gymnasium 

9:00-10:00 a.m. Alumni Coffee Hour. ..Student Center-West Campus 

12:00 noon Homecoming Parade Parade Route 

1:00 p.m. Pre-game band concert Chavis Park 

2:00 p.m. Football Game _. '„.„. Chavis Park 

Shaw University 


Elizabeth City State Teachers College 

9:00 p.m. Alumni Get-together Placed to be announced 

Sponsored by the Shaw Alumni 

Sunday, October 14 
11:00 a.m. Worship Service University Church 

Shaw University Bulletin 


1962, T. F. Moore, vice-president, Universal C. I. T. Credit Corporation 
presented a $5,000 check to Dr. William R. Strassner, president of 
Shaw University who was successfid in receiving an equal or matching 
sum in gifts and pledges from members of local business communities, 
friends, faculty and staff. 

Matching Employee College Gifts Planned 

The R. J. Reynolds Company announced that it is expanding its 
programs of financial support for education by offering to match 
employee college gifts up to $1,000 in any year, starting June 1, 1962. 

The program to be known as the Educational Matching Grants 
Plan will apply to personal contributions ranging from $10 to $1,000 
and made by any full-time employee to any qualified college or Junior 
college which the employee attended for at least a year. 

There are 185 other business concerns which will be offering match- 
ing grants to educational institutions. A list of these companies will 
be made available by the Alumni Secretary to all alumni chapter presi- 

For further information, write to Dr. John L. Tilley, Director of 
Public Relations and Alumni Affairs, Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C. 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Alumni Notes 

Miss Morgan Gives Account of Experiences 

In Nigeria 

In our May 1962 bulletin we car- 
ried a brief article concerning the 
appointment of Miss Doris Lavonne 
Morgan into the United States 
Peace Corps as a home economics 
instructor at the University of Ni- 
geria, Nsukka, Nigeria, West Af- 
rica. Here are some excerpts from 
information sent by Miss Morgan 
which might inspire other Shaw 
University graduates to serve in 
this area. 

"Nsukka in daylight was a plea- 
sant surprise of red dusty table- 
land, surrounded by a wealth of 
hills grassy green now that the 
rainy season has come. At the Uni- 
versity of Nigeria, Nsukka, there 
are about 20 buildings with more 
in the making, including a stadium 
having a seating capacity of 30,000. In addition there is the ciuster 
of faculty houses and apartments in their myriad pastel colors. 

Presently I am conducting a training program for houseboys of 
six weeks duration. The term house boy is Nigeria's equivalent for 
domestic employee. I have 36 students, ranging from 16-40 years of 
age. Their eagerness is attested by the fact that many of them walk 
seven to eight miles to attend classes. 

One simply doesn't see the wild beast of prey and warriors with 
spear in hand depicted in Hollywood films. To Nigerians who have 
done so much to make my stay here a pleasant one, I owe at least this 
much — the truth." 

Dr. Grainger Browning, class of '39 has joined the faculty of Hamp- 
ton Institute, Hampton, Virginia as associate professor of social 

Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Brown of Cleveland, Ohio celebrated their 
Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary on October 3, 1962. We wish for you 
many more years of happiness together ! 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Named Executive Secretary, North Carolina 
Teachers Association 

In keeping with the Shaw Uni- 
versity legend of furnishing the 
majority of leaders among her 
graduates, Dr. Charles Lyons, Jr., 
class of '49 was unanimously select- 
ed for the post of Executive Secre- 
tary of the North Carolina Teachers 
Association by the twenty - five 
member board of directors in June 

Dr. Lyons is a native of Edge- 
combe County, North Carolina. He 
was graduated from Shaw Univer- 
sity with highest honor receiving 
the A. B. degree with a history 
major. Dr. Lyons was awarded the 
M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at Ohio 
State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

He has served in the United States Army, taught in the Raleigh 
City Schools, worked as a teaching assistant at Ohio State University, 
Department of Political Science, being the first Negro to hold such a 
position at this University. He was Cottage Supervisor, Juvenile 
Diagnostic Center, Department Public Welfare, State of Ohio. Colum- 
bus, Ohio; Associate Professor of Political Science, Grambling Col- 
lege, Grambling, Louisiana; and Dean, Elizabeth City State Teachers 
College, Elizabeth City, North Carolina prior to his present position. 

Dr. Lyons is a member of the American Political Science Associa- 
tion, American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, North Caro- 
lina Teachers Association, National Education Association, American 
Teachers Association, Alpha Kappa Mu, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Rho 
Sigma and Phi Alpha Theta Honor Societies. 

He has been the recipient of several scholarships to do advanced 
study, and in 1954-55 was a Fulbright Scholar to India. 

In the communities where he has worked he has been very active 
in civic and political affairs, heading committees and in executive 

Dr. Lyons is married to the former Miss Rosa Danee of Halifax, 
who is also a Shaw graduate, class of '50. They are the parents of 
two daughters ages five and six years. 

Miss Joyce Y. Sutton, class of '61, has been admitted to Rutgers 
University at New Brunswick, New Jersey, where she will study 
towards the masters degree in Social Work. 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Receives Doctorate 

Carl E. DeVane, Professor and 
Chairman, Department of Social 
science at Shaw University has 
been awarded the Ph.D. degree in 
political sciences by the University 
of Pennsylvania. His thesis title 
was Philadelphia Budget Adminis- 
tration: A Case Study in Theory 
and Practice. Dr. DeVane received 
the A.B. degree in history and so- 
cial science at Shaw University in 
1936, and the M.A. degree in his- 
tory and political science at Atlan- 
ta University, Atlanta, Georgia in 

He has done advanced study in 
political economy at London Col- 
lege, London, England ; special 
study, introduction to diplomacy, 
University of Paris, Oriental Poli- 
tical Theory, University of Manila, P. I. Legal Theory and Jurispru- 
dence, University of Pennsylvania Law School 1946-47. 

Dr. DeVane's work experience includes teaching in public schools 
of North Carolina; serving as junior administrator, State Office NYA, 
Master Sergeant, Regimental Sergeant Major, U. S. Armed Forces, 
service in European and Pacific Theatres. 

His professional affiliations include the American Political Science 
Association, North Carolina Teachers Association, North Carolina 
Social Science Council of the NEW, American Society of International 

His civic and political affiliations are, chairman, Executive Commit- 
tee, Twenty-sixth Precinct, Raleigh; Member, Executive Committee, 
Democratic Party seventy Solicitorial District Executive Committee. 

Over-all Committee Meets 

An Over-all Committee was appointed by the Executive Board of 
the Shaw University Alumni Association. This committee met on 
August 25, 1962 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. High to chart the 
course for raising funds needed at Shaw. Mr. Milton Daniels, Presi- 
dent of the National Alumni Association presided over the meeting 
as chairman. The following persons were selected to form a steering 
committee to project the fund raising program and set it in action : 
Mr. Milton Daniels, president; Dr. N. H. Harris, Dr. P. H. Johnson, 
Mr. Preston Hill, Reverend W. Fleming, Dr. Charles Lyons, Dr. 
John L. Tilley, Mr. Vernon Malone, Mrs. Willie H. High, and Mrs. 
Mary W. Gant, secretary. 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Dr. James Edward Cheek, class 
of '55, assistant professor of New 
Testament and Patristics, The 
School of Religion, Virginia Uni- 
versity, Richmond, Virginia, is re- 
vising his Ph.D. dissertation for 
publication under the title: Fulfill- 
ment and Consummation: The In- 
terpretation of History and Escha- 
tology in Origen's Theology. 

His research paper projected for 
publication are as follows: 1. "Her- 
meneutics and the Understanding 
of History in Augustine's De Doc- 
trina Christiana." 2. "Testimonia 
in the Acts of the Apostles and the 
Dodd Hypothesis on the Primitive 
Kerygma." 3. "Typology and Es- 
chatology in the Epistle to the He- 
brews." 4. Contributor of Articles 
on Biblical and Early Christian History in the forthcoming Harper's 
Dictionary of Biblical Biography. 5. "Peter as a 'Sacramentum' in 
Cyprian's De Unitate Ecclesiae" "Heilsqeschichte in Origen's Theology 
and the Problem of Hellenization in Early Christian Theology", now 
being prepared for publication in Theologische Zeitschritf (Publication 
of Basel University, Switzerland). 

Prior to receiving the Ph.D. degree at Drew University in June 
1962, Dr Cheek received the following academic honors : Elected to 
Alpha Kappa Delta, National Honorary Sociological Society, 1954; a 
Colgate Rochester Graduate Fellow, 1958; a Lily Graduate Fellow, 
1958 and 1959; and a Rockerfeller Fellow, 1960. 

Theological Alumnus Publishes Book 

Dr. James Deotis Roberts, assistant professor and head of the 
division of psychology, philosophy, and Theology in the School of 
Religion at Howard University has published a book entitled Faith and 
Reason. The central intention of Faith and Reason, as mentioned in 
Johnson C. Smith University newsletter, August 1962 issue, is to 
examine the writings of three thinkers which embody the relationship 
in question. 

Dr. Roberts received the B.D. degree from Shaw University. In 
1959 he was granted the Ph.D. degree in philosophical theology from 
Edinburg University. Prior to his present position at Howard Uni- 
versity he was a faculty member of Shaw University as associate 
professor of Philosophy and Religion. 

Shaw University Bulletin 




John Harding Lucas, a graduate 
of Shaw University, Class of 1940, 
has been appointed Principal of the 
Hillside High School, Durham, 
North Carolina. In 1961, Mr. Lucas 
was elected by the North Carolina 
Teachers Association and the Na- 
tional Education Association of the 
United States of America to mem- 
bership on the National Board of 
Directors. In this capacity, he 
serves as NEA Director for North 
Carolina and a member of the 
Board of Directors of the North 
Carolina Teachers Association. 

The Rocky Mount native was 
graduated from the Rocky Mount 
City Schools in 1936; Shaw Uni- 
versity, Raleigh, North Carolina in 
1940; North Carolina College, Dur- 

ham, North Carolina in 1951 ; and New York University, New York 
in 1956. 

Mr. Lucas began his professional career as a teacher in Adkin High 
School, Kinston, North Carolina. He was Principal of the Orange 
Street School, Oxford, North Carolina from 1952 to 1957 and Principal 
of Mary Potter High School, Oxford, North Carolina from 1957 to 
1962. In addition, he has served on several state and national commit- 
tees and he has been very active in Church work in the Sunday School 
and as a deacon of the First Baptist Church, Oxford, North Carolina. 

Mr. Lucas is married to the former Miss Blondola 0. Powell of 
Charlotte, North Carolina and he is the father of two children, Cheryl, 
14, and John, Jr., 8. 

The following Shaw University students have been elected as stu- 
dent body officers for the school year 1962-63 : 

President, Charles Earle, a rising senior of Jamaica, West Indies; 
Vice-president, Joe Brown, a rising junior of Statesville; Secretary, 
Regena Johnson, a rising senior of Preston, Maryland ; Treasurer, 
Lawrence Slater, a rising junior of Sumter, South Carolina; Parlia- 
mentarian, Eric Harding, a rising sophomore of Portsmouth, Virginia; 
Chaplain, James Maye, sophomore, Farmville, N. C. ; Business manager. 
Charles Spellman, a rising junior of Trenton, New Jersey. 


Shaw University Bulletin 

Receives Award for Advanced Study 

Miss Pennie E. Perry, Librarian, 
Second Ward High School, Char- 
lotte has been awarded the $1,000 
E. P. Dutton-John Macrae Award 
for advanced study in the field of 
library work with children and 
youth at the Eighty-first annual 
conference of the American Library 
Association in Miami Beach, Flori- 

Miss Perry plans to study the 
effects of National Defense Educa- 
tion Act funds in strengthening 
school library collections in science 
in these schools. She will use the 
award funds to continue her work 
toward a Ph.D. degree at the Grad- 
uate Library School, University of 

A native of Wendell, North Carolina, Miss Perry received the B.S. 
degree from Shaw University, the M.S. in Botany from the University 
of Michigan and the M.S. in Library Science from Syracuse Univer- 

Probation Officer 

Ernest McCoy Davis, class of '60, 
has accepted a position as a state 
probation officer. Mr. Davis went on 
duty September 4, 1962 and took 
in-service training for one week be- 
fore going out on the field. 

Prior to this appointment Mr. 
Davis taught at the Inborden High 
School, Enfield, North Carolina. His 
major is elementary education. 

Shaw University Bulletin 11 

Shaw Alumni Gear For Action 

Assembled on the campus of Shaw University August 25, members 
of the Executive Board of the Shaw National Alumni Association and 
other interested alumni discussed and planned to mobilize the forces 
of the alumni to join with the administration and other elements of 
the University family to discuss and plan for a new forward move- 
ment for Shaw University. Enthusiastic alumni from New York, New 
Jersey, Maryland, Washington and various sections of North Carolina 
were represented. 

Among the persons present were Dr. Nelson Harris, Interim Presi- 
dent of Shaw University (succeeding Dr. William R. Strassner), Dr. 
P. H. Johnson, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Trustee 
Board, and representative of the State Baptist Convention, Dr. 0. L. 
Sherrill, Executive Secretary of the General Baptist State Convention 
of North Carolina, Mr. Milton Daniels, President of the Shaw National 
Alumni Association, and Mr. Willie Morgan, President of the Eastern 
Regional Alumni Organization (just returned from Russia (Moscow) 
where he reported on a special scientific study of which he is engaged.) 
Other persons present were officers of the National Alumni Associa- 
tion, Presidents of local chapters and clubs, Members of the Executive 
Committee of the National Alumni Association and other interested 
alumni. After hearing reports of transition in the Administration, 
present indebtedness of the Institution and need for repairs and plans 
for the Institutions advancement, officers and the alumni present set 
in motion machinery for the alumni and the administration to gear for 
action. As an indication of the interest of the group, more than 
$500.00 was collected and turned over to Dr. Harris for Shaw. 

It was observed that the current indebtedness of the Institution 
and needs for immediate repairs on some of the buildings were of 
paramount concern and should be the first order of business. 

A coordinating committee was set up to work out the details for a 
special financial project with Founder's Day, November 16, as the 
target date. The committee is also to consider plans for a long range 
program lasting for one or three years. It is to be observed that 1965 
(three years from now) will be the 100th anniversary of the Institu- 
tion. The coordinating committee appointed a smaller sub-committee 
to work out careful details for both the immediate and long term pro- 
gram. The detailed plans will be announced shortly. 

Among the needs emphasized was the very great importance of 
raising a considerable sum of money within the next 60 days, culmin- 
ating at Founder's Day, November 16. Every alumnus is urged to 
make a gift to the University on or before Founder's Day, representing 
the limit of his ability to give. Shaw's future depends upon our giving 

12 Shaw University Bulletin 

Placement Of Graduates 

Approximately 97 per cent of the 1962 graduates interested in 
teaching have been placed. 

These graduates were placed in such states as North Carolina, Vir- 
ginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. 

Dr. Nelson H. Harris, Interim President of Shaw University, has 
announced the placement of the following graduates to positions in 
areas as indicated : 

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION — Gloria D. Autry, Lebanon Ele- 
mentary School, Surry, Virginia; Janie E. Baker, Green County 
Training School, Snow Hill; Lena F. Carr, Lebanon Elementary 
School, Surry, Virginia; David C. Forbes, Wilson City Schools, Wilson; 
Herbert F. Green, Board of Education, Emporia, Virginia; Janice L. 
Hart, Board of Education, Suffolk, Virginia; Jean H. Home, Rich- 
mond Public Schools, Richmond, Virginia; Wilma G. Hunter, Durham 
City Schools, Durham; Lois E. Lane, Lebanon Elementary School, 
Surry, Virginia; Calene S. McKinnie, Gentry School, Erwin; Margie 
Hood, Northside High School, Gretna, Virginia; Betty Marriot Nan- 
somond County Training School, HoFand, Virginia; Gloria Nimmo, 
Greenville City Schools, Greenville; Walter B. Noble, State School for 
Blind and Deaf, Raleigh; Bettie D. Ridley, Raleigh Public Schools, 
Raleigh; Shirley A. Satterfield, Efland-Cheek School, Efland; Gloria 
Stroud, State School for Blind and Deaf, Raleigh; Lawson W. Terrell, 
Shepard School, Zebulon; Ednell Thornton, Essex High School, Tappa- 
hannock, Virginia; and Lessie A. Baker, Proctor Elementary School, 
Orange, Virginia. 

SOCIAL STUDIES — Leslie M. Camm, Lynchburg Public Schools, 
Lynchburg, Virginia; Bobby Benjamin, Wyatt High School, Emporia, 
Virginia; Elvia M. Norris, Carver High School, Pinetops; and Ruby 
L. Pinchback, North Warren High School, Wise. 

ENGLISH-FRENCH — Connie O. Blanks, Toler High School, Ox- 
ford; Bernice I. Gooding, Mineral Springs School, Ellerbe; Betty 

Shaw University Bulletin 13 

Simpson, Peterson High School, Red Springs; Kathell Stanley, W. 
Sampson Brooks High School, Prince Frederick, Maryland; Cynthia 
Williams, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, Charlotte; Jewel 
Hawkins, Southside High School, Blair, Virginia; Beatrice A. Horton, 
Brawley High School, Scotland Neck; Emma C. Dorsett, Davie County 
Training School, Mocksville; Ruby Mann, Dillard High School, Golds- 
boro; Vivian S. Gilliam, Board of Education, Warsaw Virginia; and 
Elizabeth Clarkson, Speight High School, Wilson. 

BUSINESS EDUCATION — Annie J. Burton, Civil Service, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; Maelene Dunn, Warrenton Elementary and High School, 
Warrenton, Georgia; Shirley Johnson, Riverside High School, Louis- 
burg; Esther Tillman, Philadelphia Tribune, Philadelphia, Pennsyl- 
vania; Moses Walker, Bennett College, Greensboro. 

SCIENCE — James A. Ballou, Spaulding High School, Spring 
Hope ; Edward R. Mason, Shawtown High School, Lillington ; Sher- 
man Miles, Carver High School, Mount Olive; Norman C. Camp, 
Winston-Salem City Schools, Winston-Salem; David Cobbs, New Hope 
School, Henderson; and Erseldine H. Bailey, C. F. Pope High School, 

MATHEMATICS — Norma J. Hardin, J. T. Barber High School, 
New Bern; Esther L. Peterkin, Ralph Bunche High School, Weldon ; 
and Louis C. Powell, J. R. Faison High School, Wadesboro. 

HOME ECONOMICS — Eva V. Lewis, Kennard High School, 
Centreville, Maryland; Lillian R. Tillery, S. C. Abrams High School, 
Palmyra, Virginia; Clara E. Watson, Weldon City Schools, Weldon; 
and Wanda Pool, Garner Consolidated School, Garner. 

PHYSICAL EDUCATION — Thomas Hooker, L. P. Jackson High 
School, Denvron, Virginia; Hayzel Robinson, Shawtown High School, 
Lillington; and Emmett Elliott, Dillard High School, Goldsboro. 

HISTORY -- Mary H. Gieger, Shepard High School, Zebulon. 

PRINCIPALSHIP — Cedric H. Jones, Edmund Emburg School, 
Tryon; and John Lucas, Hillside High School. Durham. 


Shaw University Bulletin 

f W ' 


Lawrence E. Spivak, producer and permanent panel member of 'Meet 
the Press' is greeted by Dr. Asa T. Spaulding, Durham, Shaw Trustee. 

Highlights of the 97th Commencement Exercises 

Mr. Lawrence E. Spivak, producer and permanent panel member 
of 'Meet the Press,' predicted that the next thirty-eight years will see 
the great march forward of the American Negro. Spivak addressed 
the graduating class on May 28, 1962 at the Ninety-seventh Com- 
mencement Exercises. He stated that in the battle for freedom the 
Negro must set a goal of excellence in everything he does and he must 
except ever greater responsibility for his own welfare and destiny. 

President W. R. Strassner presided at the exercises. Honorary 
Doctor of Divinity degrees were conferred upon the Reverend Earley 
Augustus Parham of Columbus, Ohio, a Shaw Alumnus and Dr. R. 
Mack Pitts of Winston-Salem. An honorary Doctor of Laws degree was 
conferred upon John Sylvester Stewart. Distinguished Service Awards 
went to the Reverend John Henry Clanton, and Gurney P. Hood both 
of Raleigh. 

Golden Anniversary Awards were presented to the class of 1912. 
The recipients are as follows: Mrs. Mabel Yancey Ahmed, Philadel- 
phia; Dr. George L. Askew, New York City; Dr. William Bailey, 
Norfolk, Virginia; Dr. Arthur Browne, Bluefield, West Virginia; Dr. 
C. B. Codrington, Dunn; Dr. H. H. Creft, Monroe; Mrs. Amelia Rob- 
erts Hamlin, Hampton ; The Reverend Charles C. Jones, Raleigh ; Mrs. 
Cora N. Johnson, Maxton ; Mrs. Willie Otey Kay, Raleigh ; Mrs. Lethia 
Lightner Lewis, Orangeburg, South Carolina; The Reverend Wilson 
M. Morris, New York City; Mrs. Anna G. Williams, Brooklyn, New 
York; Dr. Gold R. Wilson, Chicago, Illinois; Cornelius G. Wooding, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Dr. Thomas J. Woolridge, Baltimore, Maryland; 
Mrs. Madie B. Hall, Xuma, S. Africa. 

Shaw University Bulletin 


Dr. Foster P. Payne, dean of the college adjusts the hood of 
Dr. Robert Mack Pitts following the conferral of the Doctor of 
Divinity Degree upon him by President Strassner. 

John Syvlester Steivart is con- 
gratu'ated by President Strass- 
ner after he confers the Doctor 
of Laivs degree upon him. 

The Reverend Mr. Earley Au- 
gustus Parham receives the Doc- 
tor of Divinity Degree. 

The Reverend Mr. John Henry Clanton is cited by Dr. Strass- 
ner for distinguished service and accepts Plaque. 


Shaw University Bulletin 

CLASS OF '52 PRESENTS CHECK TO SHAW —At the class reunion 
during commencement at Shaw University, these members of the 
class of 1952 presented a check to Dr. J. L. Tilley, Director of Public 
Relations and Alumni Affairs for Shaw University. Left to right are 
Mrs. Delores J. Coppock, Newark, New Jersey; Dr. William R. Strass- 
net, president of Shaw University; The Reverend Charles Coleman, 
New York City; Dr. J. L. Tilley, Miss Olivia Peace, Hoffman; Mrs. 
Delores Palmer Robinson, Anniston; Herbert Edward Foy, St. Pauls. 

HONORED AT SHAW UNIVERSITY— Left to right, Mrs. Cora N. 
Johnson, Maxton; Mrs. Mabel Yancey Ahmed, Philadelphia; Mrs. 
Lethia Lightner Lewis, Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Dr. John 
L. Tilley, Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs, who pre- 
sented these ladies to Dr. William R. Strassner, president of Shaw 
University (at right), who aivarded them Golden Anniversary certi- 
ficates as members of the class of 1912. The awards were made at the 
Ninety-seventh Commencement exercises of Shaw University on Mon- 
day, May 28, 1962 in Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. 

Shaw University Bulletin 



Bettie Ridley, Raleigh, 

James S. Ballard, Winston-Salem 

jf ^LS 

» % * 


^ * vl* $ 

V v& 

* ^fc^S? 

S> m \v 

«"»»*.■"- ' ►A- 

T7;e i5tf£ Graduating Class with advisers Mrs. Elizabeth Cofield and 
Mrs. Virginia Newell. 


Shaw University Bulletin 

CLASS OF U2 PRESENTS GIFT— Br. John L. Tilley, left, Director 
of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs at Shaw University receives 
gift of $80 from Mrs. Alice Dunn Sanders of Kinston, who with Dr. 
Grady D. Davis (center) dean of the Shaw Divinity School, repre- 
sented the class of 194-2 at their reunion during commencement. 

The Reverend Mr. C. L. Manning, class of '61 in the Shaw Divinity 
School left for Liberia on July 31, 1962 where he will serve as Super- 
intendent of the Lott Carey Foreign Mission School near Monrovia. 

Sherman Barge, class of '61 is enrolled at the Howard University 
School of Law for the second term this fall. Mr. Barge hopes to com- 
plete his work in 1964. Mr. Barge is a native of Camden, New Jersey. 

Mrs. O'Celia Ragland White, class of '37 was awarded the M.L.S. 
degree at the 196th Anniversary Commencement of Rutgers, The 
State University of New Jersey, on June 6, 1962. 

Shaw University Bulletin 


Faculty Appointments 

Dr. Nelson H. Harris, Interim President of Shaw University has 
announced appointments to the faculty and staff for the 1962-63 
academic year as follows : Dr. Henderson Grady Kincheloe, Raleigh, 
professor, department of English; Dr. Jack Suberman, Raleigh, pro- 
fessor, department of English ; Dr. Minnie T. Forte, Durham, associ- 
ate professor of education; Lorenzo Battle, III, Raleigh, instructor in 
history; Clyde R. Appleton, instructor, music department; Mrs. Bar- 
bara S. Grissom, Durham, instructor, department of English ; Robert 
Benjamin Hooper, assistant professor, department of Religion ; John 
W. Morgan, part-time instructor in chemistry; Mrs. Bernice Rainbow, 
Raleigh, librarian; Mrs. Rosa Dance Lyons, Raleigh, library assistant; 
Miss Ruth Steward, Portsmouth, Virginia, instructor in English; Mrs. 
Lillian Johnson, Rose Hill, dormitory hostess, Tupper Hall; Dr. James 
E. Thomas, Raleigh, School Physician; Mrs. Mildred E. Hooker, secre- 
tary to the dean of the college. 

school session at Shaw University, the above students were awarded 
degrees by Dr. William R. Strassner, president of the University. They 
are left to right, front row, Robert Morman, Asheville; Vivian S. 
Gilliam, Windsor; Wilma G. Hunter, Durham; Janice Hart, Suffolk, 
Virginia; Dr. Strassner, Annie L. Faison, Turkey; and Ella Williams, 
Merry Hill. Back row left to right: Ruby D. Early, GreenvVle; Treva 
A. Isiah, Winston-Salem ; Wilma Floyd, Raleigh; Calene S. McKinnie, 
Apex; Betty Marriott, Wendell; and, Hazel Robinson, Charlotte. 


Shaw University Bulletin 

SITY'S CAMPUS — Pictured are some of the ministers and mission- 
aries who were present at the Twenty-sixth Ministers institute and the 
Twenty-fifth Women's Leadership Training Conference held on Shaw 
University's campus in June, 1962. 

of the night class for In-service Ministers of Shaw University was 
held at the Fayetteville Street Baptist Church. The sermon was de- 
livered by The Reverend Johnny W. Jones, pastor of the church. A 
gift of $60 to Shaw University was presented by the vice-president 
of the class, The Reverend Alfred L. Daye, Henderson, N. C. (right 
center). The gift was received by Dr. Moses N. DeLaney, teacher of 
the class for Shaw University. 

Shaw University Bulletin 


Founder's Day — November 16, 1962 

Program for the Observance of 
the Ninety-seventh Anniversary of 
Shaw University, Friday, Novem- 
ber 16, 1962: 

10:45 a.m. 

11:00 a.m. 

1:00 p.m. 

Memorial Service at 
Founder's Grave 

Founder's Day Pro- 
g r a m, University 

Address by Dr. 
Wendell Clay Som- 
erville, Washington, 
D. C. 

Luncheon, Universi- 
ty Dining Hall 

Dr. Wendell Clay Somerville, visiting Professor of Christian Mis- 
sions in the School of Religion at Howard University will deliver the 
Founder's Day message, Friday, November 16, at 11:00 a.m. in Uni- 
versity Church. The traditional memorial service for the Ninety- 
seventh observance will take place at 10:45 a.m. around the grave of 
Henry Tupper, the school's founder. Following this service faculty, 
staff, alumni and friends will proceed to the church. 

Dr. Somerville is a native of Reidsville, North Carolina. He received 
the A.B., B.D. and D.D. degrees at Shaw University, the Master of 
Arts degree from Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, and the Honorary 
Degree Doctor of Laws from Howard University. He has been cited 
many times for his outstanding contributions as a Christian leader. 
In 1941 he was selected as one of the ten most outstanding Negro 
citizens in the District of Columbia. In 1942, he was presented an 
achievement certificate by the Afro-American Newspaper "For con- 
stant, courageous and superlative service rendered in the field of 
Religion." In 1957 he was named one of the three outstanding gradu- 
ates of Shaw University by the National Fund Raising Service, Inc., 
New York City. 

As Executive Secretary of the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Missions 
Convention, he has distinguished himself in many areas by greatly 
improving the status of the convention. 

Dr. Somerville is married to the former Miss Alice Earl Cooper of 
Hertford County, North Carolina. 

22 Shaw University Bulletin 

In Memoriam 

Attorney Roger D. O'Kelly, age 82, attorney for the 
Mechanics and Farmers Bank, Raleigh and Durham, 
and the Acme Realty Company of Raleigh for over 
thirty years, died in Georgetown, South Carolina on 
Wednesday, July 11, 1962. 

Attorney O'Kelly, deaf and partially blind, was a 
graduate of the Shaw University Law School in 1909 
and Yale University where he received the LL.B. 
degree in 1912. He claimed the distinction of being 
the only Negro deaf lawyer in the United States and 
the second deaf person to graduate from Yale Univer- 
sity in her history of over 250 years. 

During the past three-year period of his illness, the 
deceased lived with his sister, Mrs. U. G. Teele, in 
Georgetown, South Carolina. 

Miss Mary E. Phillips, retired teacher, passed in 
June 1962. Miss Phillips' career as a teacher covered 
33 years, from 1913 to 1946. She received the A.B. 
degree at Shaw University. 

In 1957 a school was erected in Washington Terrace 
and named in her honor. 

It has been brought to our attention, that, in addi- 
tion to the persons mentioned previously, the follow- 
ing former students and graduates have passed on : 
Mrs. Louise McClennan, Mrs. Maggie Tucker, and 
Mrs. Grace Young Hayes, Raleigh ; Mrs. Symera New- 
some Cooper, Ahoskie; Harold Ramseur, Statesville; 
Mrs. Goldie Faucette Elston, Cleveland, Ohio. 

As you learn of the demise of other members of 
our Shaw family, please notify the Publicity Depart- 

Shaw University Bulletin 


In Memoriam 

As we go to press it 
becomes our sad task to 
pay tribute to Mrs. Ada 
Rice Jarnagin, a loyal, 
faithful and efficient 
member of the Shaw 
Family who slept away 
on Saturday, September 
15, 1962 at the Wake 
Memorial Hospital 
she had been a patient 
for several days. Mrs. 
Jarnagin, general secre- 
tary in the office of the 
President, was laid to 
rest Wednesday, Septem- 
ber 19, 1962 in the Na- 
tional Cemetery following services in Shaw University 
Church and the First Baptist Church in Raleigh on 

The deceased was characterized as a dynamic leader 
who always responded with boundless energy and 
enthusiasm when called upon to serve. The mammoth 
tasks which she accomplished were expressed through 
her affiliations with such organizations as follows : 

She was a member of the First Baptist Church, 
Past Secretary of the North Carolina Council of 
Church Women, Past President of the Sojourner Truth 
Branch YWCA and currently Chairman of Parent- 
Education Committee and member of Public Affairs 
Committee, Executive Vice President, National Con- 
gress of Colored Parents and Teachers; Secretary of 
Joint Intergroup Relations Committee of the Congress 
of Parents and Teachers ; Secretary, North Carolina 
Adult Education Association; a member of the North 
Carolina Child Welfare Advisory Board, State Depart- 
ment of Public Welfare; North Carolina Family Life 
Council; North Carolina Health Council; North Caro- 
lina Citizens Committee for Better Schools; Executive 
Secretary of the North Carolina Congress of Colored 
Parents and Teachers, Incorporated; and a member 
of the Governor's Commission to Study the Cause and 
Control of Cancer in North Carolina. It was during 
her attendance at a meeting of this organization that 
she was stricken. 

24 Shaw University Bulletin ■•' ■ 

1962 Varsity Football Schedule 


September 29 ..A & T College 

October 6 Virginia State College 

October 13 (HOMECOMING) Elizabeth City State College 

October 27..— North Carolina College 

November 10 Morgan State College 

November 17 Maryland State College 

November 22.... (THANKSGIVING) St. Augustine's College 


September 21 Virginia Union University 

October 20 Johnson C. Smith University 


2:00 P.M. 

J. E. Lytle, Athletic Director 
R. H. Jackson, Head Coach 

1962-63 Basketball Schedule 

Home Games 

Date Opponent Place 

November 30 Virginia State.... Raleigh, N. C. 

December 7 J. C. Smith .....Raleigh, N. C. 

December 14 ...Elizabeth City Raleigh, N. C. 

December 15 ...N. C. College. Raleigh, N. C. 

January 8 St. Paul's Raleigh, N. C. 

January 12 A & T Co:iege Raleigh, N. C. 

January 19. St. Augustine's Raleigh, N. C. 

February 9 .....Fayetteville State Raleigh, N. C. 

February 15. Winston - Salem Raleigh, N. C. 

February 22 Norfolk State Raleigh, N. C. 

Games Away 

December 8 ...Fayetteville State Fayetteville, N. C. 

January 4 Virginia State Petersburg, Va. 

January 5.... .....Norfolk State Norfolk, Va. 

January 7 Elizabeth City Elizabeth City, N. C. 

January 26 J. C. Smith Charlotte, N. C. 

February 1... ...St. Augustine's Raleigh, N. C. 

February 2 St. Paul's Lawrenceville, Va. 

February 6.. A & T College Greensboro, N. C. 

February 19 .Winston-Salem Winston-Salem, ,N. C. 

February 23 N. C. College Durham, N. C. 

ALL HOME GAMES will be played in Spaulding Gymnasium — 
8:15 P.M.